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The Book Of The HarpThe Book Of The Harp

The Book Of The Harp

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From its opening pages, where the myth of the harp being derived from the hunter's bow is dispelled, The Book Of The Harp, provides a thorough and enjoyable guide through the development of the harp. From its genesis in the days of pre-history, as little more perhaps than a bit of broken branch, to the pedal-operated mechanism born in the Eighteenth Century, the family tree of the harp is one rich in story and worth the reading. From harp makers, composers, the principles of fingering, and health and harp-playing, to its connections with religion, literary associations and as an aid to romance, John Manson's detailed research and exploration of the harp is undoubtedly a valuable and vital work of reference for anyone interested in the harp and its history.

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All this for your enjoyment

1 The Harp prior to the Pedal Operated Mechanism in the Eighteenth Century

2 Inventors of the First Pedal Systems and Appearance of The First Method (1762)

3 Harp Makers, Composers, Method Writers and Female Predominance

4 Approaches to Strings and Tuning and the Use of Different Materials

5 Seating and Playing Positions

6 Hand Positions, Gestures and Movements

7 Principles of Fingering, Tone Production and Care of the Hands

8 Introduction to the Pedal Mechanism, Design Ideas and Single and Double Action Harps

9 Eighth and Ninth Pedals, Damping Techniques, Harmonics as Played and Notated

10 Effects Examined and Ensembles of Harps

11 Modulation, Style of Performance and How to Practise

12 Health and Harp-Playing

13 Matters Ignored in Methods, Glissando Pedal Settings

14 Later Advances in Harp Design and Decoration; Modern Aids for the Player

15 Beginnings of the Pedal Harp Repertoire and Harps in London in the 1790s

16 Later Repertoire to mid Twentieth Century, and Ensemble and Orchestral Use of the Harp

17 The Harp and Spiritual Awareness: The Use of Language Pertaining to the Harp. Celtic Symbolism

18 The Harp and Religion: King David and Angels

19 Social Connections, from Royalty to Street Musicians

20 Poetic and Literary Associations and Representations: the Harp as an Aid to Romance

21 Discordant Voices

22 The Harp in the Theatre and Cinema

Envoi: The Harp as an Emblematic or Ornamental Device. A Recent Scientific Achievement and Maintaining Ideals