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The Coming KingThe Coming King

The Coming King

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Advent is not simply about a baby in a manger. No. It is a time of awe and wonderment, a time when we reflect on the return of the King! And The Coming King will help you see it all in a wonderful new light.

Imagine, then, the Marriage Guidance for Mary and Joseph when they face their particularly unique set of pre-natal problems. Then there are all those unexpected guests turning up at Jesus' birth in The Surprise Breakfast. Later on, John the Baptist is busy Clearing the Way for Jesus' ministry. But that is only after the childhood, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus have been examined in Reunion, and finally his second coming in Sitting Tenants and The King's Return.

Perfect for performance Sunday by Sunday from Advent to Epiphany, dramas to support specific sermons or talks, or even run in their entirety as a special Advent evening, The Coming King will refresh, inspire and challenge anyone who wants to take a new look at this important time.

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