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The Cowshed RevolutionThe Cowshed Revolution

The Cowshed Revolution

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Capitalism is in crisisIt has become divorced from moral norms. The Church, which in the past has provided a moral and social framework to guide the 'free market', is perceived to have forfeited the common ground. Yet experiments such as The Big Society cannot work unless the population is motivated to service. So society and the Church are at a tipping point.What is the way forward?Ray Simpson suggests it lies in an increase of Downwardly Mobile people - able Christians who lay down their lives for the common good. He explores fresh thinking and tells the inspiring story of such people, past and present, whose social enterprises, if multiplied, could make all the difference. The international 'Occupy' movement wants the 1 per cent who holds the levers of money and power to relate to the 99 per cent as one community: this book suggests ways in which this can come about.

About Ray Simpson

Ray Simpson’s daily prayer tweet @praycelticdaily profiles him as A Celtic New Monastic for Tomorrow's World. He is the Founding Guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda (a dispersed inter-church movement which is also an Acknowledged Anglican Community).

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