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The God Who Sees You

The God Who Sees You

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From Georgie Tennant

The God Who Sees You is a series of 30 reflections to help us overcome the uneasy feeling that plagues so many of us: that we are unseen, unacknowledged, unloved, misunderstood. As Georgie Tennant takes us on a journey from the Old Testament through to the New, she examines the stories of a variety of Biblical characters - some household names and some unheard of - who felt these things too. As they encountered a God who saw them, understood them and called them higher, so too can you.

Each reflection takes the reader deeply into the Biblical narrative and offers a suggestion for a song to listen to, connected to each theme, as well as questions for personal reflection to help you on your journey to feeling seen, valued and secure.

"For any Christian who isn't constantly riding on the crest of a faith-wave (hint: that's all of us), Georgie's devotional is balm to the soul. A spiritual gem to return to whenever we're feeling invisible or insignificant: for this is the God who sees."
- Lucy Rycroft

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