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Treasury Of Prayer (New Version)Treasury Of Prayer (New Version)

Treasury Of Prayer

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A rich collection of prayers for all times of the year accompanied by contemporary floral photographs. Among these eye catching pages you'll find all the favourites covering all occasions. Grouped by themes: love and peace, trust and hope, joy and thanksgiving, sorrow and anxiety, and individuals and families these thoughtful prayers will make for an invaluable companion.


An introduction to prayer
The Lord's Prayer
Take Time
The Difference

Prayers of love and Peace
Every work of love

Love as God's gift
From a Friend
I asked Jesus
The fruit of the Spirit is love

Love as our response
Never too busy to care
Someone who cares
Make me willing
A messenger of your love
Prayer of dedication

Be at peace
Prayer of Francis of Assisi

Patience and Serenity
Christ is the bridge
Give me patience
God grant me serenity
A prayer for patience

Prayers of trust and hope
Trust the past

As acceptance
God has not promised
The Lord our protector
Be at peace
Remind me, Lord
You will for my life
Never alone
Where God is
Help me to accept
Safe in God's keeping

As active
Lord, your way is perfect
Thy will
Don't quit
Everything is possible
Trust in God
An everyday prayer
Life's lessons
A prayer when distracted
The gate of the year
Christ be with me
Your will be done
I am with you always
Wings of faith
The twenty-third Psalm

In the evening
Safe through the night
At the ending of this day

Prayers of joy and thanksgiving
The day returns
Prayer of Richard of Chichester
A grateful heart
God makes the difference
Love and joy

Prayers of sorrow and anxiety
The Lord will return
I am with you
When dreams are broken
Do not be afraid
Take courage!
You are no stranger
Beyond the shadows
God is the answer
You are there
Everlasting love
The Divine Weaver

Do not be sad
Death is nothing at all
Beside the still waters
From the Lord of love
In comfort and in love
Hold my hand
Life eternal

Prayers for individuals
Learning to live
Marriage prayer
Recipe for a happy home
Bless our home
Kitchen prayer
Guide for a loving home
If I could
Together we can do
prayer for those who live alone

When you're lonely
A blessing
The peace of God
Paul's farewell
Loving care
I said a prayer
His love
The Beatitudes
Deep peace

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