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Garth Hewitt

Singer, songwriter and author Garth Hewitt has been recording songs for nearly 40 years, and has released over 40 albums. Garth’s music and writings reflect a spirituality of hope and a simple way of life that rejects violence and affirms equality and human rights.

Garth's rootsy storytelling songs are influenced by country, folk and blues and in 1988 Garth received the International Artist Award from the Gospel Music Association in Nashville. In the past nearly 40 years Garth's songs have been covered by other artists including Sir Cliff Richard, who sang Garth's song, “A World of Difference” at Live Aid, and also recorded “Under the Influence (Now you see me…. now you don't)”. A tribute album to Garth’s songwriting was also released in 2011, by other artists. Martyn Joseph covers “When Johnny Cash sang Man in black”, Reem Kelani “O Palestine”, Stu G (from Delirious?) Dance on Injustice, Paul Field “Under the Influence” and many more.

Garth is the Guild Vicar of All Hallows on the Wall in the City of London - a centre for organisations involved in issues of justice and art. He is also an honorary Canon of St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem. In 2006 he was given special creditation by the House of Poets in Ramallah, West Bank for his 'positive attitude towards the Palestinian people and their struggle towards freedom and justice'. He is also a Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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